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Displate commitment to bribery prevention

Displate is committed to preventing any acts of bribery or corruption. We take all necessary steps to eliminate all occurrences of corruption that might occur in relation to Displate’s activity and to prevent, detect, clarify and report all cases of corrupt or bribery-related behaviour, connected to Displate’s activity. We conduct our business according to the law and set out the internal anti-bribery and anti-corruption procedures.We determine rules for an ethical approach to gifts and hospitality, allowing Displate and Displate representatives to build and develop strong and beneficial business relations. This approach should be free of any allegations that Displate or Displate representatives may be considered corrupt, unfair, unethical, non-transparent, illegal or unlawful. Our personnel is informed of Displate commitment to bribery prevention and of channels where to report any suspicions of bribery or corruption activity.